Words from C.E.O.

We know how important it is for an owner to maintain the maximum occupancy of their property, that is why we have focused our services on designing spaces suitable for rent and at the same time more profitable.

For this, we rely on professional and technical workers of the field, cautiously selecting the right human personnel for each project.

We believe that in order to achieve the expected results it is essential to know our clients well, what motivates them and how they think, so that we can transfer their personality into the space. For this reason, we place great importance on listening generously from the first contact.

We believe in synergy.

Our Associates

We rely on our people, partners and colleagues to deliver the most outstanding results.

Jeidi Joa. Hotelera e Interiorista.

Jeidi Joa

Hotel Management Operations & Design

Professional in the hotel industry with more than 5 years of experience in planning, coordinating and operating events.

I graduated from PUCMM in 2010, since then I have worked in different companies and guilds that led me to travel through the world of art, starting with the culinary world where I practiced cake design and food styling, to later enter a more digital world with graphic design. By combining graphic design with events, I developed an inclination for interior design and it was then that I decided to deepen my studies and specialize in this branch, where I learned to see art from another perspective and apply it day to day in the lives of others through my work.

Saira De Los Santos

Master Architect in Tourist Accommodation Design

As a result of my career, master's degree, places visited, companies and colleagues with whom I have worked, my experience has been full of positive learning. I have been steeped in concepts, theories, techniques and ethics that allow me to develop my profession with sensitivity and responsibility, and motivate me to continue growing as such.

Design and control of hospital, residential, commercial, institutional, educational and hospitality projects, as well as the analysis of architectural feasibility.

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