Unit A-403, Puntarena Beach Condo

Second home and investment project. Located at Puntarena, Bani, Dominican Republic.
Interior design and execution in collaboration with The Designers Lab.
December 2020 - February 2021

Client’s request:

To furnish the unit with a Nordic, practical and simple style.

Our proposal:

To recreate a Nordic atmosphere with a Caribbean touch, integrating the sorroundings in the selection of furniture, colors and other decorative elements.

Color palette:

Inspired by the xerophilous nature of this southern part of the country, keeping the base neutral and adding color through the decorative elements and accent walls such as green for the common area and blue for the main room, both paintings from Sherwin Williams’s range.

Second bedroom:

Inspired by the warmest tones of the arid forest.


We base our selection on the functionality and maintenance of every item, taking into consideration the high temperatures and level of saltpeter of this zone.

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Unit A-403 Puntarena Beach Condo

Vacation interior design for unit A-403 in Puntarena, Bani, Dominican Republic.


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